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Business Cards

At Maple Run Graphics, we also provide a variety of business cards. Business cards are not only great for getting your contact information out there, they are also great for advertising.  A Business Card is an effective networking tool that is able to convey professionalism. It is a tried and true way to leave a good first and lasting impression.

We have a wide variety of finishes and stock, from Matte to High Gloss and everything in between. Maple Run Graphics has you covered for all your business card printing needs.

The following are the types of business cards we provide:

Best Value

 These Business Cards offer the best value if you are looking for the most cost effective option or the quickest turnaround.  Comes in 14pt profit maximizer stock.


Our Matte Business Cards are our standard and most popular finish. If you are looking for a silky, elegant finish, then our Matte Business Cards are the way to go! This finish is smooth to the touch and will complement any design. Comes in 14pt and 16pt matte finish.

UV (High Gloss)

Our glossiest finish! Our UV Business Cards offer the most shine for a standout look.  Comes in 14pt UV and 16pt UV.


Our Laminated Business cards offer more durability. The lamination protects the surface of the card and gives the card a unique feel.  Comes in 18pt gloss lamination and 18pt matte + silk lamination.


Our AQ Business Cards offer a semi-gloss finish that is not too matte and not too glossy, they are just right.  Comes in 14pt AQ and 16pt AQ.


Print writable business cards that are great for appointment cards and more. These uncoated business cards can be easily written on even with pencil.  Comes in 13pt Environmental Uncoated, 13pt Linen Uncoated, 14pt Writable + AQ, 14pt Writable + UV, and 18pt Writable (C1S).

Kraft Paper

Kraft Paper business cards will help you stand out from the competition. Most suitable for bold, dark-colored designs, the fibers of the paper will give your design a natural look. 100% recyclable and produced in a sustainable process, they are the perfect option for those who like to print on high quality paper stock, but with an environmentally friendly look and feel.  Comes in 18pt Kraft Paper stock.


Through the use of a high quality substrate, this synthetic paper is perfect for customized and short run designs. Sourced from raw material, it is 100% recyclable, non-toxic, and extremely durable. The waterproof and tear resistant qualities guarantee that your business cards will always look great, even in the most adverse of conditions.  Comes in 16pt Synthetic stock.

Pearl Paper

A unique stock that shimmers when seen at different angles, Pearl Paper business cards are ingrained with pearl fibers that give the paper a smooth, metallic look. It will also help to give the lighter colors of your design a subtle shimmer. Through its artistic aesthetic, it is perfect for designers, marketers, or anyone who wants to attract attention from an appearance standpoint.  Comes in 14pt Pearl stock.

Die Cut

Give your clients the best die cut business cards with our rounded corner, oval, or leaf shaped cards. The smooth, round edges will elevate them as premium business cards that help grow your  business.  Comes in 14pt or 16pt stock for your business cards. Then decide whether you’ll go with our popular matte finish or our high gloss UV coating.

Soft Touch (Suede)

  • Soft, matte, velvet-like surface
  • 19pt thickness (16pt stock + 3pt lamination)
  • Lamination adds protection against scratches and smudges

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