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Brochure is a folded, printed sheet of paper with pictures and/or information about products, services or events. Brochures can be folded in a multitude of styles, making them a versatile marketing tool. Once folded, Brochures are compact and can hold a lot of information. Consider Brochure printing for direct mail campaigns, in-store distribution, and trade shows.


Gloss Text

These Brochures are printed on our high quality Gloss Text paper, which provides a semi-gloss look. This is our most popular stock for Brochure printing.  Available in 100lb. gloss text.

Matte Finish

Looking for Brochures that are smooth to the touch? Our Matte Finish Brochures offer a muted look and provides a great base for text.  Available in 100lb. matte finish.

UV (High Gloss)

The UV coating on our brochures provide a protective and high-shine gloss coating. This coating highlights image details, so choose our UV Brochures for designs with many images.  Available in 100lb. UV (High Gloss) finish.

Enviro Uncoated

Our Enviro Uncoated Brochures are made from 100% recycled paper for your eco-friendly clients. This uncoated stock is the ideal environmental choice.  Available in 80lb. enviro uncoated finish.


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